Open to Requests

You may have wondered why I haven't been posting like I used to. Besides the fact that I've been very busy lately, I just haven't been feeling inspired photography-wise. As you may know, I take all of my own photos that I use here as backgrounds, but what you may not know is that most of the pictures I use are months or years old. I've been dying to go on a photography excursion, hoping to find some interesting architecture or intense texture, and my friend Joey at Redo My Shoe will hopefully be accompanying me on one such adventure soon, though our hectic schedules haven't let us do so yet.

With this being said, I am now open to using your photos as backgrounds for Paint-by-Fashion. Any photos used will be credited and can be linked to your blog or website, as requested. Leave your info in a comment, and I will be sure to do you justice.

Do you have any work that you want to see Painted?

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